On-Call Support

We value our customers and to keep them happy and satisfied, we offer unmatched services and customer support. Our team of experienced staff are always ready to serve our customers with their expertise. However, there would be times when the customer needs our help beyond the regular, and we have an on-call support system in place, to ensure that the customer’s concerns and requests are heard and rectified. 

We have exceptional on-call support and we work towards rectifying your problems within a few hours. Our customer service representatives are available to help you whenever you need them and share their knowledge with you regarding any service or solution. 

The customer service department will lend a sympathetic ear to all your queries including delivery issues, functionality concerns, damaged products and service topics and they ensure that it is resolved well on time. We strive towards providing our customer – the king – with efficient on-call support. Our on-call support team will transfer the queries and issues to the concerned department and ensure resolution. 

Our on-call support team is friendly and polite and is always ready to assist you. Your concerns are treated with utmost importance and respect and no query will ever go unanswered. We promise!