About SISS

Shree Info Systems Solutions (SISS) was founded in 2009 to offer excellent service to the IT market in India. With a range of products in the IT sector including laptops, desktops, computer peripherals, IT accessories, headsets, video-conferencing and audio-conferencing accessories, SISS offers state-of-the-art products and services with great care and precision. With a systematic approach and quality service, SISS ensures that the end customer receives top-notch value for the products. 

SISS collaborates with multiple vendors and resellers across the country who are pioneers in their field to deliver unmatched services to the end customers. SISS also ensures that the collaboration lasts longer with fruitful results for both the parties involved. SISS has an everlasting relationship with 50+ technology vendors from across the globe and 1000+ resellers in the country to make sure that the Indians get world-class products. 

SISS had clocked a revenue of more than 1.4 billion Indian rupees in the previous financial year and is looking forward to scaling more heights. SISS has expanded its presence to almost every region in India – currently SISS operates in 10 states with 11 offices across the country. The brand is fast growing to other states too while ensuring that its presence is well counted. So far, SISS has 100+ professionals working tirelessly to ensure that the customers receive the best experience.

Our mission

SISS intends to provide the best products and services to organisations and individuals from first-class vendors across the world through resellers who understand and resonate with our ideology. We also intend to serve our end customers only top-notch products with absolute professionalism and precision. We would also like to build a strong relationship with our vendors and resellers who are also part of our family.

Our vision

We focus on helping world-class vendors to penetrate the Indian market and make a place for themselves. We also wish to make Indian customers familiar with the IT products from top brands across the globe. We work towards a sustainable IT market that ensures quality and innovation.

SISS Advantage

SISS has presence in every region of India – 10 states with operations in 11 locations. It is fast expanding in to other states and already has a team of 100+ professionals who help vendors penetrate the Indian market and resellers deliver value to the end customers.

  • Extensive market research and coverage
  • Exponential growth in the Indian market
  • Provision of credit to resellers and large retailers
  • Provisions of delivery logistics with direct delivery to end customers and resellers
  • Pre-sales support
  • Product markering services
  • Demand generation services
  • Market and business intelligence
  • Faster time-to-market for product vendors

Innovative Solutions

SISS is a pioneer in IT products distribution with offerings in audio conferencing, video conferencing, headsets, desktop computing, laptops, desktops, computer peripherals and IT accessories.

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