Why partner with SISS?

For most technology vendors, distribution is their principal route to market, typically representing as much as 80% of their revenues. SISS in the past 10 years have helped 50+ technology vendors successfully distribute their products in the Indian market through its network of resellers.

Some of the benefits that SISS offers technology vendors include:

Strong market presence and reach

SISS already works with more than 850+ IT product resellers in the country and are constantly adding to this number

Knowledge of the Indian reseller ecosystem

SISS has the market knowledge, resources and processes to find, educate and sell potential resellers on the value proposition that the technology vendor brings to the table

Huge end-customer base

SISS serves a huge range of customers on behalf of vendors ranging from SMEs to multinational corporations

Faster time-to-market

SISS can onboard the right resellers within days as opposed to years that it would take for the vendors to reach, ensuring faster time-to-market

Enabling resellers to succeed

We provide our resellers with demand generation, pre-sales, and product marketing services, allowing them to close more and more customers in a short span of time

Delivery logistics

We do this day-in and day-out and it allows us to perform all imports in the fastest possible time and ensure that we provide products on demand

Complimenting mature players

If the vendor already has an existing supply chain, we still work on the model of partnership where we optimize joint supply chains of our vendor and us.