Shree Info System Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (SISS)
Number of vendor relationships 50+ technology vendors since 2009; long-term relationships
Number of reseller relationships 850+ resellers and counting
Geographic focus Only India
Key strengths Market knowledge and business intelligence; we have been there and done that
Credibility Add credibility to the vendor offerings and confidence on post-sale services based on our history
Market focus Digital transformation initiatives
Physical presence Presence in 8 states and 9 locations
Employee strength 100+ employees and adding
Functional strengths Program management, channel management, sales, pre-sales, product marketing, market intelligence
Financial performance 600+ million in revenues; 80% CAGR in the last 3 years
Type of customers SMEs to Multinational corporations
Model of operations Partnership model where we share business risks mutually with vendors
Delivery logistics Products on demand delivered directly to customers; single day shipment of 1000s of SKUs to customers
Reseller onboarding Onboarding in days and enabling them to be successful quickly